Ministry of Labour – Form 1000 Construction Site Waiver

Ministry of Labour – Form 1000 Construction Site
Waiver / Best Practice / Carrier’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the “Constructor” to have all employers complete the Form 1000, which includes those who are only on the job site on an occasional basis, which includes transport companies picking up or delivering. It is considered “best practice” for transport companies who, on a regular basis, interact/deliver/pickup from construction sites to have a Form 1000 in the vehicle.

All Transport Companies, both Federal and Provincially regulated, are recommended to have a copy of the Form 1000 carried within their vehicles.

Although the compliance rests on the Constructor / Construction Company your due diligence sets a standard for the service you as a carrier provide. The MOL currently is not focusing for the most part on this waiver as this is a short term time duration in which the carrier is on-site for a few hours at the most and in fact is not actually performing actual construction work.

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