MTO /DOT Compliance

Compliance is the Key to Success!

Fleet-Tax Services specializes in compliance. Whether it is fuel reporting, operating authorities, or fleet administration the transportation industry is in constant change and it doesn’t take much to put you out of compliance. With the implementation of CSA in the United States last year the industry has changed even more. Your safety rating now impacts the drivers you hire, attaining new customers, operational authority, and much more. For most owner operators and small fleets keeping the trucks rolling and maintained is a full time job. Think of Fleet-Tax Services as your in-house compliance team. Looking for information from other industry experts then check out our event and training page showcasing up and coming seminars of interest.FINAL LOGO- FleetTax Services - web

  • Motor Carrier Compliance
  • C.V.O.R / C.S.A Reviews and Audits 
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Independent Facility Audits
  • Hours of Service Auditing
  • CMV Reports & Monitoring
  • CSA Safety Compliance
  • Maintenance Record Keeping
  • Policies & Procedure Files
  • Fleet Safety Training
  • New F.M.S.C.A Carriers

If you are a new carrier, you will be visited. With the new CSA regulations it is much harder to pass for new-entrant audit. If you do not pass this audit, fines will be placed against you and your drivers.