About Fleet-Tax Services

Fleet-Tax Services is located in Southern Ontario, 40 kms from the Niagara Falls border across from the Relay Truck Stop in Ontario Canada. We provide specialized licensing, permitting, registration, fuel and mileage tax and log audit reporting services as well as dispatch back-up to owner operators and motor carriers.

Our priority is to provide you with cost-effective, convenient, fast professional services that you need to operate in our changing business world. Whether it is applying for your FMCSA Authority or maintaining or preparing for audit. Reliable, simple and accurate remittances for POVcabyour International Registration Plan (IRP), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and all state and provincial requirements.

We strive to ease the workload for carriers and help new carriers understand what is required by law and how to comply efficiently and cost effectively. Understanding that business has the unexpected turns within it, we are here to temporarily assist you when your staff isn’t available. As we have found, having confidence and assurance of knowing, should your direct employees not be able to complete what is required, we can fill in!

We are proud to provide:

  • Operating Authorities
  • Registration & Compliance Filing Services Fleet-tax-map
  • Licensing & Permit Services
  • Fuel and Mileage Tax Reporting Services
  • On-site Training
  • Compliance
  • Drug testing




Please remember that we are so committed to Safety and Compliance, we started iMVR Canada.

imvr (1)

iMVR has the vision of making our roads safer.


– We can enhance your training by immersing your drivers into a Virtual reality environment, while using our unique eye-tracking technology.


– With the iMVR system, we can assist with Fleetmatic Data access, monitoring progress and results.


-Driving in the Virtual World, we can see where the drivers are looking and introduce scenarios using Artificial Intelligence to recognize any corrective areas and praise for positive results


-Using IRIS can increase retention within your company by having a starting point at their hire date, part of their pre-employment and measuring improvements at their annual review.


-The whole package will cost you less than 1 insurance claim!


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