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Julie-Ann Kannon 2.jpgJulie-Ann Kannon: Independent Operator

I am an Independent operator I started out as a broker in 2005 I then decided to go Independent in 2012 and that is when I meet Vickie at Fleet Tax Services she was and is very professional and knowledgeable. When I arrived at her office I was confused as to where to start she took all my stress away and I was so relieved that she took care of everything and I felt an immediate trust in Vickie and staff all I had to do was surrender the documents that she requested and I was up and running in approximately 4 to 5 weeks as an Independent with all my authorities. Fleet Tax Services still look after all my reporting and I am so pleased with their professionalism they are always one step ahead of me this way I can concentrate on the road and maintenance on my truck. I would highly recommend Fleet Tax Services Vickie and staff as they do an amazing job, I always enjoy dropping into office just to say hi. Keep up the amazing job you do!!!!!!!!
-Julie-Ann Kannon

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Testimonial-Crossroads Transportation

“When starting our own business, Fleet-Tax Services knowledge of the industry helped us know what was needed, when and how to do it. This was invaluable to us and still is as everything is kept up to date and enables us to focus on what we need to do without the stress and expense of missed deadlines and documentation. We appreciate the quick and dependable advice as well.”

Maureen / Crossroad Transportation Services / Stoney Creek, Ontario