Thinking Like the Boss

“All right that’s it, we’re creating new rules because people here can’t follow the system!”, said the Manager. Have you ever heard something like this at your workplace? What was your first reaction, was it like the masses, “They’re trying to get us, they want to keep us down and control us!” That is what most think when they hear announcements and commands brought down by management. In my career there have been many times when I could have joined the people and revolted against management. So why didn’t I, what made me different from the others, was the message not for me? Did I work at a different location? Did I hear a different message?

The truth is that I heard the same message, and could have felt the same way but decided to feel differently. I thought about being in the other persons shoes, thought about what they may be going through, tried to stand on the other side of the track. By doing that I was able to see past the message itself to the reasoning behind it. By doing that I found that the rule or regulation is put in place to make sure that things keep running smoothly. Unless you know the background for the decision on making the rule or were in the meetings prior overseeing the problem you would not have a clear picture for the decision.

When something new comes into effect that may seem to be against your operating procedures take a close look as to why the decision was made. If you’re not clear on the reasoning go and talk to management to get clarification. Know for yourself the reasons behind decisions that affect you and you will be able to live by the procedure much better. Think like the boss and you will find that you probably would have done the same thing in their shoes. Thinking like the boss is the best way to handle change and the best way to be a leader as an employee. You’ll be better off for it.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant specializing in the transportation industry. More information can be found on his website at . Fleet Tax Services helps small to medium sized transportation business remain successful through compliance and audit services. For more information on the company please visit their website at 

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