Truck Warranties -Which One to Buy?

When you start looking to purchase your first truck and evaluating the different warranties on the market you may find it hard to evaluate which one is best for you. This is especially true if you don’t know how many miles you will run in any given time. My advice is get as much as you can. First you have to figure out roughly how many miles you will run in a given year. For long haul drivers you are looking at around 10,000 miles a month or even more. Multiply that by 12 and 120,000 miles will be the average. With that in mind a 50,000 mile warranty isn’t going to take you very far. Realize that your first truck needs to last at least three years before it is time to trade it in so you want your warranty to go as far as possible.

Once you’ve evaluated the miles you need to look at the components covered in the warranty. Remember if a motor blows on a truck you could be in for a repair bill that exceeds $15,000 so coverage is essential. You want to make sure all of the major components are covered within the next three years. Go over warranties with a fine tooth comb to make sure you are clear on what is covered. Ask lots of questions and make sure you are comfortable with the answers.

After components look into other programs such as towing, off-site repairs and what possibilities are available in those areas . Tractor trailers require special tow trucks and costs are a lot higher than with a car. Towing coverage may be very beneficial if things break down on the road.  Other areas to review are service calls, labour charges and so on.

So how do you track all of this so when buying a truck you ask the right questions? The best way is to create a list of possible items to cover when you begin looking for a truck. Another idea is to take a tape recorder with you so you can go over the answers later and take notes. Be sure to let the sales person know you are recording the conversation. The last part is to deal with knowledgeable people that care and with the track record of SelecTrucks you know where to start.

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Bruce Outridge is a leadership and business consultant in Southern Ontario. He specializes in the transportation industry. He can be reached at . To learn more about Fleet Tax Services and how they can help your operation please visit

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